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What Do I Need to Start a Website?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

What Do I Need to Start a Website? by Stack Strategies

What Do I Need to Start a Website? by Stack Strategies | Dezzaree Stack

Stack Strategies Co. is passionate about helping businesses get on the right track. It is always our intention to help business owners grow closer to their ultimate goals. When a business owner is interested in building a website, we first start with a consultation to evaluate the business's essential foundation and determine the business's goals.

Most business owners that come to us have either never thought about having a website before, or maybe, they worked with a different website builder whose work wasn't what they were hoping for. (Sorry fellow web builders - it's my truth!) Some business owners assume they have to find their own pictures and write their own content. Some business owners come to us under the impression they need an incredible amount of things to get started.

The Way We Work Better:

SS works incredibly hard to make it possible for small businesses to have a website. We think of every detail when it comes to planning. Our proven building process has helped over fifty small businesses get online and grow since we opened in September 2020. By following our process, you can be assured everything that needs to be included in your website has been thought of and covered.

What Do I Need to Start a Website? | Stack Strategies | Bulb On Hand

We have a standard approach when it comes to explaining the options for our projects...

You don't know what you don't know.

We understand most business owners don't speak "website." We also understand you aren't aware of every option available to you. During our website consultation, we determine which level your business is at now and where you are growing too. We share plenty of business possibilities to help shape your idea into a fully functioning business open for service.

So... the big question. What's it going to take for you to have a website?

Before you're intimidated by this list, please know this is everything Stack Strategies would need from you if you were to start a website project with us. We work with you to help you get through this list to us during your 6-8 week website build. This list could vary by your needs, but these are the basic necessities.

  • Business name and information

  • Optional LLC or other business registration information

  • Consultation Meeting with SS

  • Review your outline and place a deposit on your project

  • Kick-off Meeting with SS where we start your marketing accounts

  • Purchase domain, website, and/or email accounts with the guidance of SS

  • Planning Meeting with SS where we discuss you and your business

  • Social Media pages - live and linkable

  • Share Logo and branding files with SS

  • Send a headshot and any personal photos to be included in your site

  • Optional share any certificates to be featured

  • The names of any companies you're affiliated with

  • If you're hosting events, we'll need the information on those

  • Share any "inspiration" website links to SS

  • If you have terms and conditions, please send us those

  • Have some time available to edit and review your site

This short list is what you need to start a website. In short, it's having a named business with a brand that we can build on. It's being educated on your specialty, sharing some information on that, and possibly featuring accreditations to support it. And the last part is adding a personal dose of you to help your audience connect with you.

What Do I Need to Start a Website? | Make, Create, Sleep Repeat

We follow these guidelines to help set up every business we work with. We coach every business owner through making decisions on tools, policies, and more. And most of all...

We work hard to make every site as unique as each business owner that hires us.

The best time to schedule a consultation is when the basics of your business are established and you're ready to start building a website that showcases it all!

To learn more about websites by Stack Strategies, visit our webpage here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more digital marketing tips!

What Do I Need to Start a Website? | Stack Strategies | Person Working on Laptop

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