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What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do by Stack Strategies

So often we say, "We're a digital marketing agency" to people we meet and they look at us with a blank faces -- like "ya, ok, cool..." without even knowing what that means. This term is just a fancy way of saying we do a lot of marketing projects for people online to build their small businesses through marketing. In this blog post, we're also featuring some project examples so you can see what's what.

We started with the mission to impact small businesses all over the nation. The work-from-home wave that happened during the pandemic was the time when our owner said, "These people need real help with their businesses." And it was true; these people really do need help with their businesses.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do by Stack Strategies

When we first started researching the idea of "helping small businesses," we met with some other digital marketing agencies and also did some competitive research. (As you should do with your small business. It helps knowing how others around you do things.) What we found was that there isn't a lot of help for small businesses. Although small business start-ups and building projects come with a long list of to-do's, Stack Strategies' services are affordable and confident for success in the challenge to provide the ultimate small business marketing services.

Our services have varied from business owner to business owner. The truth is we just want to help anyone with a passion for their industry! So, we've done some odds-and-ends work for various clients just because we hope to help them now and in the future.

We do try to stick to our main marketing project packages as outlined on our services page. Not one business is alike, so these packages may vary based on the needs and concerns that we identify in a consultation. When looking at these services, you may have no idea where to begin. Maybe you're thinking you need it all! We're happy to work with you to tackle your list of to-do's as best as we can to make marketing easy for you.

Here's our services webpage that we totally recommend you review if you are interested in starting a project with us:

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do by Stack Strategies

When talking with a business owner, (through an appointment) there's usually one of two problems -- they're too busy or not busy enough. "Too busy" types need help managing their workload or teams. "Not busy enough" types need to stir up interest and get their businesses in front of prospective clients. That's the science to it.


"Not Busy" Enough Process

If you're a new, fresh business, here's how we would recommend tackling your launch while using Stack Strategies' services:

  1. Start with a brand and brand launch

  2. Plan out your business, services/products, and goals

  3. Build a website to encompass your business plan

  4. Create a marketing plan

  5. Gather the assets you need to complete the marketing plan

  6. Let your business start booming

Before we promised some examples! Check out some of our work for each of these examples...

Here are some branding & marketing assets we made to stir up interest:


"TOO Busy" Process

If you're too busy and you're looking for help tackling your workload, here's how we would recommend using our services:

  1. Start with investing in some automation to be sure you never miss a beat. Sometimes this means you need digital forms, too.

  2. Be sure your website is up to date and is a useful resource for you and your clients.

  3. Next, master your marketing plan and have assets created to fulfill it.

  4. If you are having trouble fulfilling the marketing plan, get an assistant or virtual assistant.

These examples showcase automation, forms, and emails!


No matter where you are in your business journey, we want to help you. If you need help with simple projects or even large efforts, we're on your side. From one small business to another, never give up. Happy marketing!

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