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Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses by Stack Strategies

Hello and welcome back to Behind the Strategy!

As a work-from-home writer, my home is my office. Stack Strategies knows better than anyone how tough it can be to work in the same environment you live out of. It takes a little more tweaking to create a space to make it where we feel we can be productive, creative, and the best version of ourselves!

For the first time in this world, work-from-home is actually becoming the norm! We're here for it! When I was working in the 9-5 timeframe, office products were supplied; now it's our own responsibility! In order to be productive, we need to be more creative with our tools while also keeping in mind a budget. Whether you’re a business owner just like me or working an office job from home, here are seven products you can get from Amazon right now to help you set up the ultimate workspace to be efficient.

1. Password Notebook

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Password Notebook

When it comes to working from home and handling multiple clients, the usernames and passwords quickly start to become overwhelming, especially when working with the same websites over and over. Keeping a separate space where all your usernames and passwords can live on their own, away from the clutter of other notes, is the best way we’ve found not to lose track of any important info.

Dezaree, our owner and marketing extraordinaire, swears by this one.

2. Bluetooth Keyboard

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Bluetooth Keyboard

If you’re working on a laptop, consider getting a separate keyboard that you can elevate and save your wrists from any possibility of carpal tunnel. A Bluetooth keyboard is also a great tool to have to work from a tablet, a phone, or anywhere else. Plus, they come in fun colors to liven up and personalize your desk!

You can get this pink one we love here. Or if you'd prefer it in dark grey, they have it here as well!

3. Bluetooth Mouse

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Bluetooth Mouse

Using a mouse rather than a laptop’s trackpad is another way to combat muscle strain and carpal tunnel when doing monotonous tasks in the same position. Just like the keyboard, these connect to Bluetooth to use anywhere or use a USB connection. They also come in different colors, and you would be amazed by just how far it goes to have a workspace that matches your aesthetic!

You can get a simple pink one here. Or if you have hand pain we recommend trying a more functional one like this.

4. Rocketbook

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Password Notebook | Rocketbook

This smart, reusable journal is environmentally friendly, plus just so dang convenient! Everything you write in the notebook is available online, thanks to it connecting to your cloud services. Then it wipes away with water, ready to write again, and all your notes are accessible online in their own folder. It gives the pen-and-paper experience for the traditionalists out there (ahem, me) while also not sacrificing the convenience of having notes accessible digitally. It takes just a little bit of time to set up but is worth the benefit to organization in the end.

Shop all rocketbooks here.

5. Outlet Extender

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Outlet Extender

When working from home, you have lots of plug-ins in your set-up. Phone chargers, computer plugs, lamps, everything. This outlet is surge protected with charging ports, four extra outlets, and even lights up for when you’re struggling under a dark desk to plug in a charger. It’s a game-changer.

You can get one here.

6. Dry Erase Board with Calendar

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Dry Erase Board with Calendar

A cute and functional board with space to write and have your schedule laid out has been very much a holy grail item to me since day one. Dezaree says, "I couldn't function without one to tell me what's what every week. I use mine every Sunday to plan my week religiously! It also keeps my boyfriend in the loop when he walks by and has a chance to see what my week is looking like." As you can see, we cannot recommend it enough!

You can the one she recommends here.

7. Daily Planner

Seven Must-Haves for Work-from-Home Businesses | Daily Planner

Let's be real. Writing everything down and using a planner helps so much. Having everything online in a calendar is great, but you’re more likely to remember tasks if you’ve written it all down. Plus, having a designated space with all important dates and times listed out gives a great overview so you’ll never miss a date. Keep yourself organized and know exactly where to look for your schedule!

You can get one that has plenty of areas for organized tasks here.

These are just some of the tools we would recommend when it comes to working from home and at your own business. Every person is different and there are a million different ways to have a solid home setup. What are some of your holy grail tips? Let me know in the comments!

See you next time, and until then, happy marketing!

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