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Preparing for Your First Tradeshow Booth

preparing for your first tradeshow booth

THIS is our year to to get out there and let the world know about our business. And Stack Strategies Co. has been doing just that! In the past three years, we have been mostly sharing information about our business online. Now, we're getting out into the sales field and actually shaking some hands.

It's been a HUGE priority for us to grow through local networking endeavors. At this point in our business, we have developed our offer, refined our process, and are ready to bring on new clients. One of the best ways to meet new people is to secure a space hosting a vendor booth to promote your business.

Check out our first booth set-up as Stack Strategies Co...

stack strategies co. first tradeshow booth

We gave our absolute best at hosting this booth on a whim while saying "YES" to new opportunities. It was worth the effort and I can't wait to have another chance at hosting a booth.

You could host a booth as a vendor no matter if you're a product-based business or service-based business. Product-based businesses may have a clearer vision of what it looks like to host a pop-up booth. Alternatively, service-based businesses may need to be more creative when coming up with a way to engage new business leads.


Finding YOUR FIRST Tradeshow Booth

Finding a tradeshow to participate in starts with a basic online search. You can check out upcoming events in your area. Consider finding an event that is at least several weeks away, so you have time to gather materials and prepare.

When analyzing if an event is a good fit for you, consider the following:

  • What audience will be attending the event

  • Does that audience align with your ideal future customers

  • How many people are expected to attend

  • Cost of participation

  • What is included in cost such as ad space

  • Will you receive an email list of attendees for follow-up

Preparing for a Tradeshow

Get ready to shine on the big stage! Stack Strategies Co. is here to help you get all set for your first tradeshow booth. We learned a LOT during our first tradeshow booth, and we make sure you leave a lasting impression on everyone who stops by.

1. Know What You Need for Your Booth: Imagine your booth as a puzzle. You need to figure out what pieces you need. Do you need tables, tents, or power? Sorting this out beforehand makes sure you're all ready to show off your stuff.

In my personal experience, I learned that I'd like to have my own pop-up canopy with walls to help block the wind and secure my set-up when I left. This tradeshow event was outside for an entire weekend! I under-estimated mother nature and her hot sun and strong winds. Thank goodness there wasn't any rain!

google tradehsow booth

2. Make Your Booth Look Amazing: Your booth is like a mini-store, so make it pop! I love this Google booth featured above that looks like it is set-up for casual conversation!

Use your brand's colors. Be sure to have multiple signs with your business's name. People love to spin a wheel for freebies if they can!

One thing that I WISH I had was branded table clothes. Plastic table clothes were my biggest regret of my stand because my set-up would have been neater to hide the underneath of my tables. But -- it didn't keep the people from stopping by! I had a ton of eye catching flyers that explained my business. I actually wish I had several flyers, but that's ok next time!

Side note: If you need to request a print project to create a flyer, multiple flyers, brochures, hot cards, rack cards, signs, posters, and more, request a marketing project from us here! We offer a two-week turn around time.

digital business card

3. Go Digital with Your Info: We've learned that printed business cards can be helpful, but digital business cards may be more helpful! We've been OBSESSED with Popl. Here is how we did it; we put our business cards in a frame and everyone who asked for our got our popl tap instead. It's like magic and shows you're on the cutting edge. Every link and contact method I offer is now saved in visitors phones and they can find me by searching a few different keywords. I can't wait to have all the popl tools!

4. Practice Your Sales Talk: You're like the star of your booth. No matter how great your boot looks, no one is going to come over unless you are being engaging. The first trick to master is your hook - the sentence that gets people to come into your booth. It may be a question like "Have you tried ____________?" or maybe its a comment like "These ___________ are the best!" Sometimes we have to take chances and feel like a sleazy salesmen or have bad pick up lines. But that's ok! Whatever gets them in your booth.

The second part of your pitch is equally as important. Practice talking about what you've got to offer. Make it sound awesome so people want to know more. And practice saying it in under 90 seconds. I'm serious - practice in front of a mirror and time yourself. If you record yourself, listen to yourself and think "Did I make my point?"

5. Offer Something Special: Want people to be excited about your booth? Offer them something special, like a cool freebie in exchange for their email. It's like a little gift that makes them remember you. We had this plan to give away $50 OFF a VIP Day, and we did have one sale from the event so far, but here's where we failed. We should have had a little post card talking about the offer with the code. So learn this - if you have a giveaway that is not an actual item, create a post card so please remember to engage with your giveaway at home.


6. Connect with People: Don't be shy – talk to folks! Get their info and promise to follow up. It's like making new friends who might turn into customers. I talked with hundreds of people who told me "they would be afraid to work for themselves" or they would say "my business has never had a website in twenty years! We wouldn't need one." But I met even more people who took my information because they were thinking of starting a business online or they knew friends who run their own businesses. The positive connections are worth weeding through the people who aren't my customers!

7. Get Some Rest: The night before the show, get a good sleep. You want to be full of energy and ready to impress. No last-minute craziness! (Yes, I had all the last minute craziness; it is over now. We're not talking about it.)


Your first tradeshow is a chance to shine. It is almost inevitable for something to be forgotten at home, or for you to feel nervous. Just show up as you are and enjoy the experience! With the proper preparation, you will be on your way confidentially to hosting your first tradeshow booth.

Happy marketing business owners!

Stack Strategies Co. is an online digital marketing company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Stack Strategies offers a variety of marketing services! SS leads the way in small business marketing by sharing tips and tricks on our Behind the Strategies Marketing Blog. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Alignable for business-building inspiration. Or contact SS for your next project!

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