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small business websites & DIGITAL tools

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The ultimate digital marketing services for growing small businesses. Stack Strategies creates custom websites, email automations, digital tools, and more! We lead the way in small business marketing both one-on-one with clients and through sharing tips and tricks. 


Explore our website to learn more about building your small business with us. Our clients are diverse in their industries; we work with mostly small businesses. If you're looking to add a level of digitalization to your business, SS is the solution for you!


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Wix Website Design

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Travefy Website




Digital Automation

Have you had a Wix Website build by SS?

We created a new service with you in mind. For our clients who need Wix website changes and site maintenance, we started a monthly membership service! Through this low-cost, monthly service, you can submit requested page updates and get your website tweaked.

To sign up for Wix Management Services, please create an account on our website

and subscribe to our monthly service membership.

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Established in 2019, Stack Strategies was founded in Cleveland, OH because a young boss-lady had a strong drive to do marketing differently -- organically. Now, her creative team at SS helps small businesses all over the country establish their brand's presence. We help business owners create a brand, get online, and understand marketing tools. Simply put, we make marketing easy. That was our dream when we started our digital marketing agency, and now we are lucky enough to have completed over 150 projects for businesses from California to New York.


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We send a personal marketing email on the first Monday of the month to our website subscribers! We send personal tips, marketing how-to's, exclusive offers, and company updates. Be sure to subscribe to our website (at the bottom or on the side of our page) to receive these emails!