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As time passes more often than not, the internet and its digital tools update. By regularly evaluating and optimizing your marketing strategies, we ensure that your digital tools remain relevant and impactful. We offer support levels for individually, quarterly, and by month. Choose which package best fits your needs based on support level, design/update hours, support methods, and cost. 

  • Quarterly Website & Tool Audit & Edit

    Every 13 weeks
    • Audit website and digital tools to update content as needed
    • Quarterly zoom or phone call to review changes together
    • Up to 5 hours design time
    • Billed quarterly $285
  • Monthly Quick Fix Updates

    Every month
    • Monthly website and digital tool quick audit
    • Email support with 1 hours research and solution capacity
    • Up to 2 hours design time per month
    • Billed monthly $95
    • Recommended for users with minor edits
    • Example photo additions and reviews
  • Monthly Moderate Updates

    Every month
    • Monthly website and digital tool audit
    • Support via email, phone, chat and DM
    • 2 hours research and solution capacity
    • Up to 3 hours design time
    • Site report tracking and monthly email analysis
  • Full Website Maintenance Monthly Package

    Every month
    Full website maintenance with priority support
    • Monthly website and digital tool advanced audit
    • Up to 2 hours support by chat, email, DM and phone
    • Up to 5 hours design time and basic SEO updates
    • Optional monthly phone or zoom meeting included in support
    • Bi-annual audit of website
    • Reporting tracked and monthly email analysis
    • Billed monthly $300


Image by Roman Bozhko

Update Requests

Individual updates listed by project

Consider re-occurring updates to save and avoid gaps in content upgrades 

Paid in advance per update as listed

One-by-One Update Requests Pricing

All project updates EITHER added to a current project in the works OR requested by non-maintenance members after a website is completed will be priced based on each individual request and update needed.

Update domain address, logo, phone number, email address or other contact information


Add/update a Linktree profile


Add a link with a new section to a webpage


Add/update to multiple groups or events (maximum 5 events or groups)


Add/update to team with new biography


Add/update photos or links (maximum 50 photos and 10 links)


Create a new page with new content


Create a digital form (with logic) and connect to site or tools


Updates to SEO on a Wix Website (up to 12 pages)


Update text on a document or webpage


Add/update Calendly profile


Add/update to group or event page on Wix


Add/update to reviews (up to 5 new reviews)


Add/update to team with new biography and launch package


Update to multiple sections across the website


Create a digital form (with no logic) and connect to site or tools


Create a blog on a Wix Website with blog education


Updates to Travel Agents Extensions Content ( up to 25 templates updated, 100 trips updated)



Enrolling in our maintenance programs significantly lowers the expenses associated with necessary website updates. Upon purchasing a maintenance plan, members can request updates within their designated design constraints. In the absence of specific requests, Stack Strategies will proactively implement updates to ensure the site remains current, aligned with SEO practices, and maintains optimal user-friendliness.

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