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3 Keys to Managing a Business Facebook & Instagram

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Running a business isn't easy! You're in charge of running the business, doing the work, AND RUNNING THE MARKETING. Don't lose your mind --- we're going to get through this. This job wasn't made for the faint of heart and that is why not everyone can do it. Hang in there, friend.

If you landed on this blog post it is probably because you want to know more about how to manage Facebook & Instagram better. Before we give you our tips here, we want you to consider joining SS's monthly content class. On the second Monday of month, we'll be meeting with business owners from 7-9 pm EST content for their pages. These group sessions will focus on what to post not how to post. By joining our class, you will also get access to our private Facebook discussion group. Learn more about SS's Monthly Marketing Group Coaching.

If you have not a clue about social media, a great place to start is understanding the terminology. Check out SS's free vocabulary guide below.

If you need private coaching on setting up your accounts or to ask general things about marketing, set up a 90-minute coaching session with our digital marketing manager, Dezaree Stack.

Because our next round of group classes is focused on how to create content, this blog post right here is all about how to post the content we will create. It's 3 quick how-to tips if you need to get caught up to speed prior to class.

Let's get this party started...


Time to Do Social Media

The key to getting marketing done is to make the time to do it. 3 hours a week -- that's my rule. If you sit down for 3 hours a week on a Sunday night or Monday to get your marketing done, you will feel a lot better about your business that week I promise.

During those three hours, I make a plan to get my entire plan complete during Week 1, 2, 3, and 4. I do social media for an hour to two hours, and then equally work on my blog and emails. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, hire me for a marketing plan coaching session.


Using Business Suite

Meta Business Suite, previously known as Facebook Business Suite, is the greatest of all time when it comes to free social media post schedulers. Clearly being created by Meta for business owners this platform offers many advantages over posting directly to the pages or from paying for a scheduler. Through the app, you can schedule posts on both platforms, see your previous posts, run ads, see reports, and more. It's available on business.facebook.com and by downloading the app in the Google or Apple Playstore.

To start using Business Suite just visit the website and sign into your Facebook account if needed. It will ask you to sign into FB to connect Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to start using it right away. Don't forget to bookmark it!

For help posting on Business Suite, download our easy guide below.


Creating Content

It's always best to create unique original content. If you follow SS on Facebook, you know how we feel about using content generators (we despise them). When you write your own 5-7 posts per week, you are much more likely to actually get your posts seen.

Upcycling content is easy when you're tapped into your industry. Following companies and suppliers you're affiliated with can really help you understand what's trending. Use that to create part of your posts. The next part would be sharing content about your company and business vision. And finally the last part would be sharing unique tips and ideas. Developing content like this teaches you "what to write" when completing your marketing tasks.

For a quick tip sheet on developing content for your pages, download our guide below.


If you like this blog's content and want to know more about taking your content marketing game to the next level, consider joining our monthly group. Registration is $30 and includes your access to our private monthly discussion group.

Happy Marketing, business owners!

Until next time.

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