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Welcome to Stack Strategies, where our approach to marketing is slightly different. We help small businesses grow organically and originally. And we couldn't do that without our team. We're Cleveland-based marketing specialists who service small business owners nationwide. To learn more about our business, visit About Stack Strategies


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      Dezaree Stack


Dezaree Stack, owner of Stack Strategies, believes in building and growing small businesses organically and creatively. Her marketing career started in 2017 when she landed a position with a host travel agency in the marketing department. She soon was promoted to the education team where she began to teach marketing and technology strategies to home-based travel agents through live events, webinars, recorded videos, demonstrations, coaching sessions, and more. Dezaree blossomed into an expert marketing consultant through coaching growing agencies and soon mastered what works to build a business.

With courage, talent, and a whole lot of drive, Dezaree launched Stack Strategies with the goal of directly impacting small businesses. She is quite passionate about digitizing businesses and finding custom-fit marketing solutions. Her bold, fearless, and energetic characteristics are brought to every business creation. Her services are sure to deliver beyond your expectations.

Dezaree believes in the power of personal connections when it comes to business. Stack Strategies wouldn't be possible without our connections and support of friends around the world. Below is a gallery of our proudest moments. 


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        Meghan Lear

Meghan Lear, a creative writer, is a refreshing and charismatic person who loves learning new things and growing that knowledge into a master trade. Meghan joined Stack Strategies team in June of 2021.


Meghan's incredible traits make her stand out in the writing world.  She's detail-oriented, organized, and full of warm, thoughtful words. Her love of writing stems from her love of reading, although it is no wonder she carries these traits being raised in a family full of well-respected attorneys, small business owners, and coffee-lovers. Meghan may have earned her bachelor's degree in English from Kent, but her worldwide knowledge comes from studying and traveling abroad. From her experiences, her favorite thing to write about is travel! She loves to discover destinations through research to add to her ever-growing bucket list.


Loving all things writing, business, traveling, and coffee makes Meghan fit in at Stack Strategies. She knows firsthand the hard work that goes into being an entrepreneur from the ground up. She says, “There’s something special about people who are truly passionate about their purpose.” Through her position at Stack Strategies, she loves being able to help business owners achieve their dreams. 

Meghan is quite the goal-getter herself. Her dreams have taken her to Iceland, Ireland, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, and most of England so far. She's aiming to become a full-time digital nomad so she can live in a different city each year around the world. With Stack Strategies, her future is looking to become that and so much more. Stack Strategies is honored to have Meghan on the SS team!