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Websites & Digital Tools Built by SS

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Websites & Digital Tools Built by SS Stack Strategies

Hey there, business builders!

Long time, no talk! In business, there are times when you need to remain silent and build your empire. At the end of last year that is exactly where we were.

Websites & Digital Tools Built by SS

In 2021, we offered quite a variety of marketing services including brand building, custom marketing plans, building websites of all kinds, digital tools, and sometimes social media projects. We are so passionate about marketing and helping small businesses grow that we just want to help with all things marketing.

The truth is that the best businesses are ones built based on a niche. As for Stack Strategies, our niche is building digital tools and websites. Going forward, we will only handle these types of projects. Our goal is to truly make a difference for businesses by creating their websites and building their digital presence, teaching the owners to manage the tools, and to offer assistance with maintenance as needed.

Websites & Digital Tools Built by SS  | Coffee on a table with books

No matter what industry you're in, it can be hard to operate independently or with a small team when you feel like you need a huge team! That is why travel agents, real estate agents, cosmetologists, credit repair specialists, and, even, politicians have reached out for digital marketing help from Stack Strategies.

We had the pleasure of launching almost 20 websites last year! We also built a ton of digital tools like digital forms (questionnaires and payments), email automations, lead series, member series, landing pages, QR-code flyers, and so much more! Based on our experience, it is these types of projects that have made the most impact for our business owners.




One of the key reasons why we consider these projects most impactful has to do with how trackable they are. There's nothing worse than not seeing results from marketing money spent. As the marketing specialist in the mix, we aim to maximize the potential of business owners. By seeing the progress of our businesses' clicks and activity online, we see the tools working before us.

From our point of view, our Wix website clients, Emailmeform, and Active Campaign clients are our happiest clients. No, seriously. Why do you think this is? Because the business owners see results almost instantly. The tools are working and their business life is getting easier!

That's what we're here for. We want to make the technical stuff easy. We want your business process to become less tedious. We want to provide some relief to businesses.

As we're settling into our new niche of websites and digital tools, you can look forward to more technical-based tips on our Facebook and Instagram page, in our monthly marketing newsletter, and on our blog. Be sure to connect with us!

From one business owner to another, happy marketing!

Websites & Digital Tools Built by SS | Stack Strategies

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