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Help with Travefy itineraries

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies

Stack Strategies partners with Travefy to help travel agents utilize their website tool. Before on the Stack Strategies' Behind the Strategies Marketing Blog, we covered the many benefits of having a Travefy website. If Stack Strategies is building a Travefy website, the business owner/agent is responsible for creating the itineraries they want to be included in their site.

*It's important to note that SS is not affiliated with Travefy and was not paid for this blog post. SS took this upon ourselves on our own because we ❤️ Travefy.

It's not always easy for travel agents to build these itineraries. Travel agents are experts at creating packages with their preferred travel partners. But to take that information and re-organize it in this system can be A LOT of work for one person to do.

Pictured below is the Travefy Itinerary Builder's starting point. As you can see, there are a lot of places to add information for trips!

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies

To build these itineraries, you can add travel components from the library to showcase important travel components, destination tips, travel recommendations and more. You can include "options" through the proposal function. This system is so robust!


What is Travefy and what's it used for?

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies

Travefy is a must-have tool for any travel advisor because their software creates custom & branded (to your brand) itineraries with easy entry to their system. Their system saves valuable time importing from limitless integrated suppliers, destination content, photo libraries, and more. Deliver itineraries to your clients via mobile app, web link, or PDF.

While their tools are quite fantastic and we highly recommend it for the price... for a travel agent who has too many bookings to handle (not a bad problem to have), this type of agent is limited on time no matter what.

In Stack Strategies experience, not to toot our own horns, but our website clients are these types of busy agents. We encounter agents who have too much on their plate every day! It's hard to keep up with the amount of tools travel agents have access to.


Finding Travefy Help

Stack Strategies has been on the search for a Travefy Itinerary expert, and we have finally found one!! We are so pleased to feature this AWESOME small business as our preferred Travel Agent Virtual Assistant.

At SS, our specialties are websites and digital tools for small businesses. We aren't only here for travel agents and their marketing needs... we're here to help anyone who wants to launch a successful business and work for themselves! That being said, we can't do it all. Just like you, that can be a LOT of work for one business to take care of. When we can't service project requests, we would much rather refer you to a professional to help. In the case of Travefy itineraries, finding help was really hard! Until we met Autumn...

By the way... I'm not sorry about all the Schitt's Creek giphys


About the VA for TAs

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies | Autumn House

Autumn House is the owner and virtual assistant at VA for TAs. Autumn is a young professional who is a recent graduate. She earned her Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She established VA for TA after she began helping her mom who runs an incredibly successful travel agency in Texas. Quickly, Autumn learned how much travel agents need help with social media posting, Travefy itinerary creation, and CRM management.

Ironically, her services felt like a missing piece of Stack Strategies. A majority of SS clients are travel agents so far, who ALL need help with these types of projects. We are so proud to partner with VA for TAs because of the level of support the company provides.

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies

Autumn understands that it can be extremely overwhelming for a travel client to be sent a packet with a hodge-podge assortment of what their trip is going to look like for them. We would prefer to share a custom-designed itinerary that's available for print and through a private link. Autumn believes every travel agent should offer an organized and helpful travel document package for travel clients. No matter if the trip is as simple as a flight and checking into a resort, or if it is as intricate as a 15-day backpacking adventure through Europe that includes daily excursions and tours, the VA for TA Travefy Itinerary is so beneficial! The clients will know exactly what their upcoming days look while also having access to any necessary documents, tickets, and travel tips that their travel agent has personally added in for them.

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies

As a travel agent virtual assistant, you can send her every trip component you scheduled for their trip. More often than not, this means you can forward all the confirmation emails, scan the countless pages of hand-written notes, airfare copies, resort check-in details, COVID policies, report maps and images, excursion tickets etc. You (the travel agent) won't have to spend any time worrying about what's what.

Autumn combines it all to create an organized itinerary that is easily accessible to you and your travelers through the online website or Travefy app!


How can the VA for TA best help travel agents create Travefy itineraries?

1) Be sure you are a current active Travel Agent who is regularly scheduling trips and

2) Make sure you are supplying me with ANY and ALL trip details

For example, trip dates, confirmation numbers, flight info, resort info and check-in time, excursion info including any tickets, transfer info, tour times and meeting addresses, COVID policies for the destination they are traveling to, etc.

Also, any notes from YOU that you would want them to know are extremely helpful in building a great itinerary. For example, if you have clients traveling to Punta Cana for the first time and you know a personal tip about getting through the airport to meet their transfer because you have done it before, let me know! Clients love knowing tips and tricks to better navigate their first-time experience.


The VA for TA's services pricing:

As far as pricing goes, every itinerary Autumn creates looks different and is customized to the trip you created. The better you supply VAforTA with the information needed (see above) the quicker and more efficiently I can complete the itinerary. Each itinerary will be individually quoted. All itineraries start at a base price of $30, but once you connect with VA for TA and she understands what you need, the price will be quoted accordingly.


Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies | Passion Led Us Here

Good help is hard to find; Stack Strategies understands! We can say with confidence that Travefy is the best itinerary tool in the travel industry, and VA for TA is the best virtual assistant for Travefy itineraries, CRM management and social media help.

If you needed the confirmation that you should have Travefy or you should hire some help for the tedious tasks that are hard to keep up with. This is your sign...

Connect with the VA for TAs!

VA for TA info: Autumn House

Facebook: @vaforta

Email Address: autumn@vaforta.com

Website coming soon!


If you have questions about Travefy, they have an awesome support team or you can reach out to one of us. We're all here to help you!

Happy marketing travel agents! Talk with you soon!

-SS Team

Help with Travefy itineraries by Stack Strategies

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