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The Benefits of Travefy Websites

One of Stack Strategies digital marketing services, specifically for travel agents, is creating websites and landing pages with Travefy. Around the time Stack Strategies opened for business, Travefy's original landing page tool was released, making it a no-brainer for us to specialize in as one of our go-to digital tools for travel agencies. Earlier this year, Travefy added to their website tool making it possible to build multi-page sites and/or host multiple landing pages. We are so thankful to grow with the tools we love most.

*It's important to note that SS is not affiliate with Travefy and was not paid for this blog post. SS took this upon ourselves on our own because we ❤️ Travefy.

Travefy is a platform where travel agents can build and manage itineraries making them look like rock stars to their clients. When a client receives a Travefy-built itinerary, clients have access to photos, videos, and links that saves them from having to "Google it" themselves. Using Travefy can help reduce the risk of losing the client to an online booking engine and really boosts the professionalism of the agency.

Most agents have the action of building itineraries mastered because of Travefy's incredibly helpful education resources. Although the website tool does have some great educational videos to follow along to, too, Stack Strategies has found that using the website building tool is a little more complicated for agents. Many agents would rather consult a professional (and save a lot of time) to get the build completed rather than learning more about the tool, building it, and it possibly not turning out exactly how they want it to.

SS uses the Travefy tool in a variety of ways that we find most useful for different business models. As an example, some agencies have or want a custom website and they are looking to use the tool in addition to that one. Sometimes we use the Travefy page as a niche tool.

We're going to dig deep into the strategies behind the Travefy website tool and what we find most helpful in this blog post!

Landing Pages vs. Multi-Page Sites

A landing page is a standalone web page that a person "lands" on by visiting your domain. Once they're on your landing page, users are typically encouraged to take an action, such as joining your list or buying your products. For Travefy, this means you could have a one page site (that's typically a little long). Usually one page sites promote your overall business or promotes you in a niche.

If we're building a website that is promoting your overall business, a multi-page site is absolutely more preferable. Businesses have layers, and having multiple pages makes it easier to define and market the business and its layers. In this case, we would use the Travefy website tool to build multiple pages and then we connect those pages and other tools together.

Using the Tool for Niche Marketing

First, what's most important to understand is why a business would want to niche market. A niche is a specific type of service or product that the business focuses on. A niche can be the only way of doing business; for example, for travel agents, the business can only book destination weddings and honeymoons. A niche could also be just a specialty of the business; for example, the travel agency can book all vacations and specialize in groups.

Both of these examples are great because the Travefy website tool can come in handy for either of these niches. If the niche is about weddings, the tool could be used to build couple's destination wedding pages to manage the group OR promote the agency for destination weddings OR even better, both! Same for groups.

When it comes to groups, the page can be mapped two ways. The first is have one website with multiple pages that promotes group trips as a main component of the business. The other is to set up one landing page per group to promote trips separately.

When a business wants to niche market, SS takes the time to review the owner's business vision and goals. Then, we build the digital marketing tools to support those goals. The tool is so versatile in its uses that we wholeheartedly endorse niche marketing with Travefy.

Adding forms to A WEBpage

If we had it our way, every business owner would be using emailmeform to collect any information needed from clients, especially booking and deposit authorizations. Although, the Travefy form builder is a good alternative option for users that are already using Travefy. Travefy offers a form builder within their library, which is a great digital tool addition to any webpage.

The term "form" sounds so boring, although its an important digital tool for business's operating in today's day and age. Think of things like a new travel request questionnaire, or guest information form to collect traveler information, or even a credit card authorization form for payments. Things like this make it easier to do business and makes the client feel like they can do travel business on their own time.

When a client completes a form, you get an email notification and so does the client. It's your responsibility to process the action requested! SS recommends keeping these emails in a safe, secure folderin addition to the records within the Travefy vault.

The only thing that is "not-so-great" about these forms that the questions are one-by-one rather than all the questions on one page. Keep these forms as brief as possible.

When using forms, it's important to follow the guidelines of use (for legal and banking purposes) to collect the information in a secure way. In Travefy this means having a 2-step authorization on your account to collect payment and, also, adding the electronic signature option on the forms. Form restrictions are based on terms of use with travel partners and suppliers.

When we create forms, it is possible to add the forms to the a webpage to easily direct clients to completing them. You can also share them directly with clients. Or even better -- clients may find these forms to manage their bookings because they easily navigated to it on your website.

This is extremely useful in the case of groups, for example. Imagine you were building a landing page per group using the Travefy web tool. You could have a forms linked on that one page to sign up for the group, the collect guest information, and to make payments. Directing group members to one landing page where they can get ALL needed information on the group in one place is a game changer for travel agent group specialists.

Now that is doing business like a boss!

The perks of sharing your site

Once your website is built and ready for launch, the extra tools behind it make it a wonderful tool for sharing. It's relatively easy to plug your site into your domain and its usually live within 24 hours. SS usually recommends business owners view their site in a different browser (meaning if you use Google Chrome, try to visit your website using Microsoft Edge) to be sure you are seeing exactly what your clients are seeing.

Whether you are using a custom link (your own domain) or Travefy's standard provided web link, the tool allows customization to the social share which is great for businesses. SS always designs a custom social share for Travefy webpages that we launch. This means whoever sees the page will see a branded image that clients can trust when clicking. See the example to the right!

Linking any type of site to a QR code is super easy and its something we provide to business owners upon request. QR codes can be made for sites or landing pages; they can be made in different shapes and colors. We recommend sharing your QR code on flyers, group promo pieces, wedding invitations, your business cards, and anywhere else you can!

As you may be able to notice already, we are quite passionate about the Travefy tools! We love supporting another technology business who cares about the travel industry as much as we do. We're looking forward to growing alongside them to provide a service to use their service.

To check out some of our favorite Travefy-built websites, see these examples below:

To learn more about our Travefy web design service, click here.

Until next time, happy marketing!

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