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Travefy Website Design Projects


We are experts in marketing travel agencies using the Travefy web tool, saving the owner time and trusting the product is professional.

Generally, travel agents who use Travefy are set in their process and have business steadily coming in, hence already having a subscription to Travefy! Travefy's main tool, which is well-known in the travel industry, is the itinerary creator to help send proposals and close deals. But now, Travefy has a web tool (free with a yearly subscription) to create a custom website. While these websites are less-customizable than Wix, Travefy offers great benefits for someone who is looking for a simple website to support their existing or growing business.  


With the Travefy website, you can either have a landing page (stacked website) or (as of January 2022) a multiple-page website. It's a great tool to feature your business, trip ideas and itineraries, group trips you are hosting, an about section with your certifications and affiliate links, and a contact section.  


Consider Stack Strategies experts in setting up these pages to feature everything you need. We can even create and integrate forms to help digitalize more of your agency. The best part of our service is that we know the ins and outs of marketing travel agencies using this tool, saving you time and having it done professionally for you. All you need to do is provide the itineraries, which you are already great at!  


Explore this page to learn more about Travefy website projects with SS! To get started on a Travefy website project, please complete the questionnaire and schedule an appointment!

What's Included with TRAVEFY Website Design

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  • Site navigation  

  • Site links and buttons to forms  

  • Custom page layout 

  • Single or multi-page content concepts  

  • Custom page design 

  • Custom written text verbiage  

  • Professional "about" biography section 

  • Contact section with subscribe form (must be manually entered into CRM) 

  • Mobile format by Travefy

  • Links to microsites (optional) 

  • Custom-selected HD photos from reputable sources  

  • Plugging in domain  

  • Basic site education 

With All Travefy Websites, SS Includes: 
Upgrades to Your Travefy Website
  • Form creation through Travefy or other sites

  • Other digital automation tools

  • Group specialty pages  

  • Additional education sessions  

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Did you know?

Here are some interesting booking online travel stats from this website

  • An estimated 700 million people will make a booking online by 2023

  • 83% of US adults want to book their trips online

  • 72% of mobile bookings happen within 48 hours of last-minute Google searches that include the words "tonight" and "today"

  • 82% of all travel bookings around the world took place without human interaction in 2018

  • There are over 148 million travel bookings made annually

  • 70% of all customers do their research on a smartphone

These stats are hard to ignore when you are trying to be competitive in the technical market of today.

Even if YOU don't think it's important to have a custom website, your future clients think it's important.
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Our Website Difference

The way we approach marketing in an organic manner is different from the average digital marketing company. We believe in website creation from scratch, starting from designing the content, sections, and pages around your business and your goals. Then, we follow through with every detail to make your site serve its purposes. While other website companies may require you to write your page's words, find and download photos and videos for your whole site, and complete other technical requirements prior to creation, SS takes a hands-on approach to gathering the necessities for your site. We thoroughly interview you and work with you to shape your site's main features! Then we teach you to the basics of using it as a marketing tool. 


Our website creation process may be the bee's knees that we love so much, but our clients appreciate the time that we save them even more. While it takes SS just a few weeks to complete your Travefy content to perfection, a business owner figuring that process out alone runs the risk of not reaching completion, and the site may not have the same effectiveness. We love the opportunity to make these creative sites with a punch and hear how well they work for our TAs while booking! 

Our Website Process

What is truly special about our website builds is the process of creation which brings the project to life.


Project Start

To start a website project with us, please complete a Travefy website project questionnaire, then schedule a consultation by phone or Zoom with SS.  


Deposit & Upgrade

To start your project, a project deposit of 30% of your project total must be placed. Your Travefy account must also be started.


Website Build

We'll work diligently on your website which takes about 2–3 weeks.  


Website Review 

Now is the time you can review your site's pages and make note of any wording, layout, links, or other changes as you see fit. We ask that you request these changes within thirty days of your website demonstration. (This can be done during the demo appointment too.)


Website Launch

SS will follow up with some website launch tips and website marketing tips to check in and help with ideas to get some website traffic! 


Project Proposal

Once we review your website needs together on the phone, we will create a website outline and project proposal to detail your needs and the project costs.  


Business Owner Tasks

SS asks that you complete your "Business Owner To Do's" by the agreed date.  


Build Completion

Once your site is done, SS will schedule a website demonstration meeting. At this time, we ask that you make another payment of 50% of your project total.  


Edits & Publishing

Once your website changes are made and you approve your site, we will work together to connect your domain. When your site is live, your project is complete and the remaining balance of your invoice will be due. 


Optional Changes as Needed 

If you would like assistance changing elements on your website, SS offers changes at a discounted rate of $50 per hour on project updates. Changes requested after 30 days of completion will be billed via invoice for changes.

We try not to ask for too much when it comes to your website build. Here are some examples of "everything" that would be needed from a business owner for a standard custom website.

  • Proposal meeting with SS  

  • Outline review, proposal invoice review & deposit payment  

  • Travefy account 

  • Website questionnaire completion:  

    • Business information  

    • Domain  

    • Email  

    • Social sites  

    • Website listings  

    • Mission, vision, and goals  

    • Certifications (optional)

  • Kick-off meeting with SS for content  

  • Current logo file 

  • Personal photos  

  • Trip itinerary names from your library or links 

  • Other affiliate links as needed  

  • Any special terms and conditions  

  • Content completion meeting  

  • Site review (read and testing) 

  • Review, edit & launch meeting  

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Link Hoang

What's Needed from the Business Owner

Project Pricing*

We do our absolute best to stay competitive in today's website design world. Each project can vary based on the business plan and business owner, but the pricing chart below can help you gauge your project cost.

Small Landing Page

One-page landing page Travefy site featuring
1–3 trips and brief business information.

This page features just a few trips and is typically an add-on to a Wix website build or existing site. This business may consider switching out itineraries in the future.

5–8 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Web Content & Design

Website Finalization

Website Review

Website Edit & Launch


Basic Travefy Site

3–5 page Travefy site with
4–8 sections on each page.

This type of site typically features several pages and possibly extra links to other profiles and site. This business may have forms already set up and possibly other tools to plug into the site.

12–15 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Web Content & Design

Website Finalization

Website Review

Website Edit & Launch


Basic Travefy Page

One-page landing page Travefy site with about 7–10 sections fit for the business.

This site builds a solid business foundation and a trustworthy presence online for a business. This business may consider switching out itineraries in the future.

10–15 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Web Content & Design

Website Finalization

Website Review

Website Edit & Launch


Travefy Site Built for Growth

Multi-page Travefy site with extra pages
and forms fit for the business.

This site has the other features described plus bonus forms created by us for you, page templates for future features, and special custom requests included.

17–20 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Web Design & Tool Creation

Website Finalization

Website Review

Website Edit & Launch


A Showcase of Our Favorite Sites

Below we are showcasing a collection of our website work. We hope you will understand each site is a reflection of its owner, therefore there are many variations of sites. If you are interested in a custom site, you can be confident your site will be created around you and your preferences as these sites were for their owners. We invite you to explore these sites to navigate their pages and their content.

Modern Office

Let's Get Started on Your Travefy Website

We appreciate the opportunity to build your business's website. To get started on yours, we invite you to complete this quick questionnaire and schedule a website consultation at your earliest convenience.  Then, we'll get started on the website creation process right away!

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