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Professional Headshot Tips

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Professional Headshot Tips by Stack Strategies

When it comes to professional headshot photographs, the #1 response we hear is "Well, they could probably use an update..." OR "I really need to get those done..."

Professional Headshot Tips | Photoshoot set up

There are a million reasons why you need a professional headshot. It is a critical component when branding your business and connecting yourself to the brand. Having a client or customer remember you and your business is the first step to earning a sale. Professional headshots will be used possibly on your business cards, resume, brochures or rack cards, on your social networks, but most importantly, it will be featured on your website next to your biography!

Your headshots are your first impression to offer to clients online. Why not make it the best first impression you can offer?

Professional Headshot Tips | Photographer

Stack Strategies Co. wants to help you make the most out of your headshot session. We consulted our dear friend and fellow small business owner, Amanda the Shooter on her professional photography tips. Amanda is our preferred Northeastern Ohio Photographer for professional, lifestyle, romance, family, food and beverage, weddings and event photography.

Before we go on with our preparing for your headshot photography session tips...

Can we just shine light on what an AMAZING photographer my friend Amanda is... Please, please, please check out her Facebook and Instagram pages. Like and follow her!

These photos were sourced from the Amanda the Shooter Facebook page:

We think that the fear of photography is half based on not knowing what to expect from it, and the other half based on the results you may receive. Our hope in consulting Amanda for the #smallbusinessfeaturefriday is that you will learn how to prepare for your headshot session and how crucial it is to find an experienced photographer.

For the best professional headshot results, we recommend following these 9 tips...

1. Hire a Professional Photographer

Choosing a professional photographer who has experience with headshots is the best way to ensure your results have a professional touch. Photographers know exactly how to capture you looking your best without a filter. Trust their vision!

2. There is a one to two outfit limit for headshot sessions

Each photographer's rules may vary, but there is generally a rule of one to two outfits for headshots.

These photos were all shot by Amanda the Shooter and were sourced from her Facebook page...

3. Wear solid colors or a shirt with your logo on it

Top business owners we know find success in always branding themselves! It is also totally OK to choose a professional outfit with solid colors that match your brand's style.

4. Don't try "New" styles on your headshot day

The day of your headshot isn't the day to try any "new" styles or looks. If you are wearing a new outfit or make-up look that you aren't comfortable in, it will show in your picture.

5. Don't practice or worse-- over practice

Follow the lead of your photographer. An experienced shooter, like Amanda the Shooter (see what she did there), knows how to get that perfect natural shot. Over practicing your poses can lead to unnatural-looking results.

Amanda The Shooter | Professional Headshot Tips

6. Prepare for both inside and outside shots, weather-permitting

Professional photographers typically have a studio option for your session, or they will suggest their preferred locations to pair with your professional style.

7. Consider a headshot & lifestyle photo package

Some photographers allow you to book packages or sessions by the hour. Lifestyle shots are when you're working or posing in different "life" scenes. These are also great for your website and marketing!

Pictures below are some of my favorite personal shots from Amanda the Shooter!

8. Try to take your photos every 6-12 months

Getting in the routine of taking professional photographs seasonally is great for marketing. You don't have to update your headshot every time in every place online, but having extra photos for social media, blogging, and other marketing purposes can benefit businesses in many ways! Who doesn't love options?

9. know what to spend

Photographers can vary nationwide, but you can expect to spend $150-400+ for headshots and/or lifestyle shots, and of course, this is depending on the nature of your shoot and photographer. It's courteous to tip the photographer for time spent especially in the case of small businesses and hourly employees.

Professional Headshot Tips by Stack Strategies | Photoshoot set up

Amanda The Shooter

If you're in Cleveland, or if you're interested in flying our photographer to your hometown, please get in touch with Amanda (see contact info below) to plan your headshot and/or lifestyle session. Amanda could also service destination wedding clients' photography needs! Just ask how!

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I highly recommend checking out Amanda's shots, liking her page on Facebook, and following her business on Instagram (see links below).

Amanda's email: Amanda@sceneamatix.com

For those of you that need a little headshot pep talk... SS is that friend to encourage and empower you.

You are BEAUTIFUL exactly as you are. Don't wait to be "different." Get dressed up TODAY and smile. Get dressed up EVERY DAY and smile. Life is happening right now and there is NOTHING wrong with your appearance as you are today. The best thing you can wear is your smile (and solid colors or logo wear apparently lol). Getting a headshot is an excellent way to advance your professional career, so don't let your nervousness hold you back!

Set your Q3 goals on getting fall and winter headshots! It's worth the time and investment, my fellow business owners! GET YOUR HEADSHOTS DONE!

Professional Headshot Tips | Stack Strategies | Say Cheese

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