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Upgrading Your Office

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Upgrading Your Office by Stack Strategies

Once your business foundation is built, sales start happening, and revenue starts coming in, soon you will want to start upgrading your office. Whether it is for your own personal needs, like me, or maybe because you have clients coming to your office, upgrading your workstation is bound to happen throughout your business journey.

SS posted a blog not long ago about the business basic must-haves. It included basic things like a wireless keyboard and mouse, a password book, and a weekly planning expo board. We feel strongly that every business owner needs basic items like that.

This blog post is for those business owners looking for next-level things that will make their business life better. It feels good to make the purchases, but it feels even better when you start becoming more productive and professional from those purchases.

If you decide to purchase any of these items, we appreciate you using our affiliate links to shop! Our small business earns a small commission (1%-3%) as an Amazon Affiliate.


Upgrading Your Office | Computer Monitor

Computer Monitors

After quitting my 9-5 job, where I was spoiled with the perfect dual monitor and laptop docking desk set-up, you can imagine my disappointment when I started working from my laptop screen only.

After trying generic brand names screens that I bought from Facebook Marketplace, I decided the business expense was worth the extra investment to have bright, new screens. At the beginning of this year, I purchased TWO of these monitors to create a similar set-up to the one I had before. I had to plug my laptop in and have three screens again! And WOW-oh-WOW I get so much more done.


Upgrading Your Office | Docking Stations

DOCKING STATION (needed for dual screens)

I know this item is $130.00 which is close to the screen cost, but please listen to me when I tell you I bought 4 items from Amazon before finally giving in and spending the money on this docking station. After buying my screens, I quickly found the right wiring system was needed.

When it comes to your technology, you want something that works and protects your devices. The other stations that ranged from $10-$60 didn't work, didn't do what my computer needed, etc. This product that I am recommending works for most brand names and makes it easier to have the dual-screen set-up that most office workers dream of. With a world of cords like HDMIs, DVIs, and VGAs (all of which I know one of, this one has all the options for your station. It's worth its price and ease of set-up.


Upgrading Your Office | Desk Riser


Full disclosure: This and the next product are similar and you only need one. I personally already had a desk, but as we all know, sitting at a desk is strenuous on our bodies. Having a riser option on your desk is NECESSARY for me personally. I like to sit, stand, and change chairs, and my riser does that for me. I've had this generic riser before and it's GREAT for the price. I, now, have an Ergotron which is just a name-brand of this riser. The generic riser below is totally fine in comparison to the cost.


Upgrading Your Office | Electric Riser

Electric Rising Desk

So let's say you don't have a desk yet. Before you go off to get a credit card from your nearest furniture store for new office furniture, please consider this desk! Even the most crafty of desks don't have the most essential feature: power to rise. This desk works great because it has 5 memory settings for all your height needs. This is great because the desk will remember at which height you like to sit and stand. If you're sharing the desk with a spouse or employee at times, their settings can be saved too! There are 5 setting spots available to be programmed. This desk comes in several shades, including oak, cherry, and black. You can absolutely pair a great filing cabinet bookshelf to complete your office setup (see below)


Upgrading Your Office | Office Chair


When I say I care about you, your business, and your health, I really mean it. I've been the girl that picks up office chairs from the curb, I will take them home, and then, use them forever. But the thing about that is that someone threw the chair away because it isn't supportive!!! The thrift chair is fine for a while until your back starts hurting and the padding stops feeling fluffy on your tush.

Having a decent chair, that's adjustable to your body and comfort levels, is crucial when you're working a business all week long. This chair comes in different colors to match your office style, is a great price, and has the features you need to support you. I highly recommend considering an office chair that's new to you if you haven't before. This one is a bit basic, but for me, it works great!


Upgrading Your Office | Filing Cabinet and Print Station


When you start actually having sales, the paperwork starts piling up. Especially if you're handling sales and other sensitive information, it's important to store the documents in a locked drawer behind a locked door.

While I'm all for most filing cabinets, I especially like this one because it serves a few purposes. It has locked drawers, open shelving, and space for your printer (coming next). This extra workspace helps keep you organized! It comes in three colors and is a must-have for offices!


Upgrading Your Office | Epson Eco-Printer


I prefer digital files as much as possible, but printing is a necessity while running a business. Opting for a plain-jane printer is fine until you have to buy ink cartridges every week. Epson, a widely known printer company, started the eco-tank trend making it easier to refill your printer with ink and no cartridges! I love how this prints and scans. If you need double-sided printing, I'll feature that next!

P.S. Epson ink is required -- you cannot use generic ink.


Upgrading Your Office | Epson Eco Tank Ink


As I mentioned above, EPSON printers do not accept generic ink refills. They have a special lid that only allows EPSON ink to go into the EPSON printer. Here's the color ink refills for purchase on Amazon.


Upgrading Your Office | Espresso Machine


Sort of business-related... coffee. They say America runs on Dunkin, which I highly disagree with because Dunkin's espresso is trash. Truly, so is Starbucks. I threw my Keurig away a long time ago...

The best espresso comes from dark, fresh beans that are finely ground (I do it at Whole Foods from the bulk section). Then I bring my little bag home, froth my own milk, press my espresso, and within 2 minutes I have the best latte in the whole. I've bought my own syrups at Target and can make all my favorite drinks -- including an extra dirty vanilla chai latte. This espresso machine costs about $135 and is worth every penny that I save from not buying chain lattes. My business runs on espresso through and through!


I know many of these items come with a bit of cost, but the thing is that every item has positively benefited me and my business in one way or another. If you haven't started making upgrades to your equipment, take this as your sign. IT'S TIME TO BUY SOME THINGS FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Happy business owning from one trying business owner to another!

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