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Step Up Your Social Media Game

Updated: May 6, 2022

Welcome back to marketing Monday with Behind the Strategies! It's a business owner's responsibility to gather clients, stir up new traffic, and get a say in the business industry's conversation. The way to do all three of these things at once is to have a strong social media presence. It's more important than ever to have a digital footprint and be posting consistently. When you have followers, it's a great way to foster loyalty. Clients and future clients will be able to get to know you better, repost your content, and keep checking back on your page for more.

Being consistent on Facebook and Instagram is one of the most critical parts of marketing these days to actually get in front of people. Through your posts, people will start to look at you as an authority on the topics you post about. Your Facebook posts could be longer in text and a great place to promote website links. Instagram is better for getting a variety of images and videos out through your posts and stories. Spending some time thinking about what works versus what doesn't work is really worth the brainstorming time.


Here's what won't help when managing your social media: </