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End of Year Reflections

Hey there business owners!

It has been a little while since we have shared a blog post to our followers! SS has been busy working hard creating websites and other digital marketing projects for business owners who have some big goals for 2023. Not to mention, we have been creating 2023 project roadmaps for Stack Strategies. We believe in building and creating businesses the best way we know -- with good ol' hard work. As you probably already know, strong foundations take a lot of time.

We are already over two years into our business journey. Gosh, it really feels like so much longer. We are still in our business building stage. We're really trying to make a statement in the marketing world!

Throughout your business owning adventure, the journey has many twists and turns. Your offerings and services can change. Clients come and go. Pricing varies. Time flies by. And life happens. Owning a business is its own roller coaster in the amusement park of life.

Once upon a time, I heard a very wise friend lead the best presentation about "Finding Your Why." I heard her lead this presentation at least 8 times while we worked together, and I am so thankful that I did. It is engraved into my heart and my head... "What's your why?" "Remember your why!" In moments when things feel uncertain, this is the best thing to reflect on.

Running a business isn't easy. Starting it takes great courage and effort. Keeping it going is even more WORK! But, it is worth every moment. If you're ever wondering "why should I keep doing this?" I encourage you to take my friend's advice and reflect on your "why".

Knowing your "Why" comes with deep reflection. First consider how and why you got started. Think about who you're doing this for. Imagine the dream that you had when you first thought about starting your business. Tap into that passion and define your purpose. Use this as your motivation as a business owner.

If I were to define my own "Why" as the owner at Stack Strategies, it is that I am passionate about helping people start and grow their own businesses. During my process, I educate my clients on how to become the business owner they envision themselves to be. Our services take business owners from LLC to website. My purpose is to help others own the business of their dreams and to provide them with tools that lead to their success.

As SS wraps up the year, we are investing all our time completing projects for business owners that SS has been working throughout Q4. We've taken some advice from a business coach to do things a little differently. In the beginning of 2023, SS will be revamping our services prior to accepting more clients. We estimate to be closed in the beginning of February for at least one working week. We all have some big goals and the best way to get there is a well-planned roadmap planned with a professional! Even though we are marketing experts, it is important to openly hear feedback of others for our business and take the advice to heart when moving forward. That is why we're dedicated ourselves to expanding through innovative techniques when moving forward into the new year.

As business owners, we are all in the home stretch of the year. Sales are basically locked in. We've done just about everything we can in 2022. It's time to review your business's year. Be real with yourself as a business owner, but also, be friendly and kind to yourself. Hopefully we're leaving the pandemic behind, too! It's time to determine what needs to be done to close this year and start your new calendar. And also, let's circle back on your "Why" while you're reviewing and reflecting.

My prediction is that 2023 will be another year to focus on growth. The business owners that choose to work diligently through the winter will achieve BIG accomplishments by next summer or fall. I encourage you to set your sights on something big for your business. Add a new specialty service or way of revenue. Choose something that makes sense but is a challenge. Work as hard as you can until you get there.

We wish you the absolute best as you finish up your year! Be sure take take time to enjoy the holiday season. Indulge in your traditions and spend as much time with your family as you can! We're starting from scratch to work on our NEW goals in 2023!

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