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Stack Strategies Co. has crafted our monthly packages to align with the budgets and schedules of busy business owners. Our offerings include email marketing, blogging, and website maintenance packages, each available in multiple tiers corresponding to the frequency of service execution. Browse our selections below and start delegating your marketing so you can do more of what you enjoy. We confidently believe that you'll discover a package that not only meets your requirements but also optimizes your time and budget effectively.


Email Marketing Monthly Services

Custom monthly newsletter

Newsletter and one promotional email

Weekly emails including newsletter, two promotional emails, and one company highlight email

Blog Marketing Monthly Services

Bi-weekly blog posts 

Weekly blog posts 

Content suggestions via form
Proper SEO formatting with graphics


Website Maintenance Monthly Services

Quarterly maintenance audit and zoom

Monthly quick fix maintenance with email and chat options for support 

Monthly moderate maintenance with phone and email maintenance and a monthly report

Monthly advanced maintenance with phone, email, and zoom  maintenance and a monthly report

All Monthly Service Packages

Email Marketing

Blog Marketing

Website Maintenance

View all package options

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