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Let's build a website without limits



SS partners with Wix to custom-build your online presence, avoiding generic templates. With Wix, we create a unique digital space for your business.

Who We Recommend This Tool To

Serviced-based Businesses
Businesses with groups or events
Businesses who want a modern site
Bloggers and more

Suggested for These SS Packages

Website packages
Start-up packages

how to sign up

Website is upgraded during kick-off meeting after project is deposited. We guide you through the process of upgrading your site. No link is included below.

Pricing Information

We recommend the Wix Core plan for most businesses based on storage, security, the ability to accept forms, payments and so much more. Not included in this price but also recommended is the domain and email hosting. Wix, also, offers email marketing packages at a competitive price. Price does not include tax.


Date Updated:

June 2023


As a Wix Partner, we earn 50% off our client's first purchase of an annual plan. You can save 50% for one, two or three years.


Wix automatically renews three weeks before the renewal date at full price in order to prevent a lapse in coverage. Wix will renew for the same annual package you purchased; for example, if you purchased a three year plan, it will attempt to automatically renew for a three year plan. Be sure to change auto renew settings after taking ownership of your website. See terms for details.

Stack Strategies Co. is an authorized partner and/or affiliate of this digital tool. We are marketing consultants who advise business owners on how to strategically create and use digital tools to grow their businesses. We are not responsible for any changes made by the digital tool owners directly. Contact digital tools directly for sales and support. See terms for details. 

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