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Wix monthly updates membership page

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Stack Strategies Wix Monthly Updates

Membership Information

On this page, you can review what's included in a Wix Monthly Updates Membership and members can take advantage of your member perks. As always, if you have an questions or additional needs, let's get in touch. 

How the Monthly Membership Works

  • Website requests must be submitted by the 5th day of the month. 

    • If any change requests require a quick meeting, we ask that you schedule that meeting within a week of your request.  

  • You will be reminded on the last week of the month to submit your changes. Any changes submitted after the 5th will be considered a change for the following month.  

  • All changes will be made by the 15th of the month. You will be notified of all maintenance completed on your site by direct email. We may also attach important reports to these emails. 

  • Any changes to the monthly changes need to be submitted via email by the 20th. Any changes in response to our changes submitted after the 20th of the month will be considered a change for the following month.  

What's Included with Wix Monthly Management

Image by Christin Hume
Image by Georgia de Lotz
  • 3-5 website minor updates including adding new certifications, pictures, information, links, small sections, and other minor content additions and edits to current pages  

    • Optional appointment for these fixes

  • New page requests at a discounted rate  

  • Monthly completion email with attached report  

  • Monthly site re-publish  

  • Monthly updates to metadata tags and descriptions  

  • Monthly updates to the cache  

  • Monthly review of page speed for SEO purposes  

  • Monthly structured data mark-up  

  • Monthly rich results review for Google Search Console  

  • Quarterly desktop format review  

  • Quarterly mobile format review 

  • Quarterly content review for words (typos, grammar, clarity) and graphics exchanges as needed  

  • Semiannual Social Share content description updates  

  • Semiannual Social Share graphics updates 

Our Wix Monthly Management includes:
Upgrades to Your Wix Website

Upgrades can happen if you need services on your website that are outside our membership's included monthly services.  This may include adding new pages or features not built in your original site launch.

Taking Notes

Requesting Monthly Changes

You can easily request your monthly changes by completing the form below and (optional) requesting a website change appointment to talk through your changes.

You can submit 3-5 monthly changes. 

You can submit your changes by email. Please consider:

  1. Which page is it on?

  2. Which section?

  3. Describe the change.

  4. Do you have any links?

  5. Request a meeting (optional).

Estimated completion time: 10 minutes

Examples of change requests:

cleveland web designer.jpg
  • Wording updates

  • Building your photo galleries 

  • Featuring more client testimonials

  • Adding trips to your Travefy website

  • Adding/managings group trips
    (once per month)

  • Adding more links or resources

  • Adding small sections to your website

  • Switching the order of content

  • Think promotion banners or small call-outs

  • Creating a different design for an element

  • Plugging in new tools

  • Other updates as requested

Monthly Access for Website Updates
Submit your own edits and have access to optional website meetings.
25% off SS Education Sessions 
Both private sessions and
class sessions.
30% off Website Additions Projects 
Like new pages, adding a blog, groups, forms, upgrading your site for business, and more.
20% off Other SS Projects
Like branding elements, design needs, digital tools, calendars, and emails!

Did you know?

First impressions are 94% design-related, according to a study in 2021 from Research Gate. The participants noted that websites were often found to be too complex, busy, and lacking in navigation aids. 

That's why SS reviews your content monthly to ensure a great first impression for our clients.
Modern Buildings

Our Monthly Difference

Our monthly services were created with our business owners in mind to make sure their websites are ready for their clients and future clients. Our website maintenance tasks are fulfilled every month to help our website owners make the most of their investment in the internet. When we originally created your site, we built it with the intention to help you reach your goals. Our monthly service provides that same intention, being sure your site is updated consistently and boosted monthly for potential viewers on search engines like Google.   

Membership Cancellation Process 

To cancel your membership you must sign-in to your Stack Strategies account

  1. Sign-in login on www.stack-strategies.com (above)

  2. Click My Account

  3. Update Subscriptions 

  4. Cancel Subscription 

  5. You will also be emailed information about your cancellation

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