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Thank you for being a member of

Wix Email Management

You should be able to access this page because you are an active member of our Wix Email management service. On this page, you can review what's included in your membership and better understand your membership perks. As always, if you have an questions or additional needs, let's get in touch. 

How the Wix Email Membership Works

  • On the third Wednesday of the month, SS will write and customize your email

    • The email is built on Wix 

    • SS either writes an email featuring your blogs of the month OR an email recapping the month and highlighting agency happenings 

    • You can indicate which topic you prefer when managing your SS account 

  • You will receive a test email on the third Wednesday of the month

    • Sometimes it goes to spam because it's a test email ​

    • You have 24-hours to reply with any needed updates 

    • Only one-round of edits allowed 

    • If no reply is sent, SS assumes no edits are needed. 

  • SS schedules the email for the first Friday and/or Monday 

    • You can submit your preference in your account on Stack Strategies 

What's Included with Wix Monthly Email

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  • One customized email created to feature your blogs or monthly agency update

  • One test email sent to the business owner 

  • One round of edits to the template 

  • Email to be scheduled for Friday or Monday depending on your preference 

       Our Monthly Wix Email Membership includes:
City Lights

Our Monthly Difference

Our monthly services were created with our business owners in mind to make sure their marketing strategy attracts clients and client leads. You can rely on us to brand your email, be sure the content matches your business needs, and send it out on a monthly basis. 

Membership Cancellation Process 

To cancel your membership you must sign-in to your Stack Strategies account

  1. Sign-in login on www.stack-strategies.com (above)

  2. Click My Subscription

  3. Update Subscriptions / Cancel subscription 

  4. You will also be emailed information about your cancellation

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