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Thank you for being a member of

Stack Strategies Monthly TA Content

You should be able to access this page because you are an active member of our Travel Agent Marketing Content Membership. On this page, you can review what's included in your membership and better understand your membership perks. As always, if you have an questions or additional needs, let's get in touch. 

How the Monthly Membership Works

  • Content is released the second Monday of every month by 12 PM EST 

    • You will have access to an additional page named "TA Content - MONTH YEAR"

    • All members have access 

  • All TA Content Members have access to our private content group 

    • Here you can discuss content and ask questions 

    • We'll share additional meaningful posts within the group 

    • We'll also share inspiration to keep up your social media work 

What's Included with TA Monthly Content

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  • Monthly content ideas and takeaways to use right away

  • Content and captions that you can copy/paste/post now 

  • Access to notes and to-do lists so you don't have to take word-for-word notes 

  • Access to simple how-to's 

  • Helpful links and resources 

  • Access to the SS Monthly Marketing Discussion Group (Facebook group) to connect with friends, share ideas, and ask for feedback 

       Our Monthly Content Membership includes:
City buildings

Our Monthly Difference

Our monthly services were created with our business owners in mind to make sure their marketing strategy attracts clients and client leads. We make it easy to copy, paste and market your business. Use our content for your pages and direct marketing strategies. Bonus points if you customize the plan! Our monthly service is meant to help your followers connect with you! We hope by building a sincere online relationship that these clients will want to work with you for years to come. 

Membership Cancellation Process 

To cancel your membership you must sign-in to your Stack Strategies account

  1. Sign-in login on www.stack-strategies.com (above)

  2. Click My Subscription

  3. Update Subscriptions / Cancel subscription 

  4. You will also be emailed information about your cancellation