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Thank you so much for being a member of Stack Strategies' July 2022 Marketing Content Group! We hope you feel ready to market your business for the next month! Below is a content calendar to help you know what to post when. In each section below is the content examples and prompts for each day's posts.

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Flight Attendant Safety Professionals’ Day
tuesday, july 19 AT 9 Am 

facebook and/or instagram 

To all the Flight Attendant Safety Professionals we love that help support our air travel around the world. We thank you for helping us travel safely from destination to destination! (heart emoji; plane emoji) 

#flightattendantsrock #travelindustrypartners #travel #flightattendants #supportflightattendants

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travel tip tuesday
tuesday, JUly 19 AT 4 pm 

facebook ONLY

PACKING TIP TUESDAY - Alaska Style! (mountain emoji) 


Alaska cruisetours are trips that are half cruise and half land tour. Instead of packing a bag per person for these trips, share two bags. One for land and one for sea. This makes it easier for the cruise line and airlines! Plus, it helps in the event one bag gets held up at the airport. 
Be sure to visit our website for more helpful travel tips! 

(Add website link www.businessname.com

#packingtips #travelprofessional #tipsfromatravelagent #traveltips #traveltiptuesday 

My project (57).png
My project (57).png