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Website Updates and Maintenance

Making updates to your website isn't required, but sometimes it is necessary to keep up with the pace and demands of business.

Creating dynamic and functional custom websites for small businesses is our digital marketing niche. Our websites are created to to fit your business and its goals at the time that we create it. As time goes on, things may change and your business may have additional needs. Businesses who launched their website a year or two ago may require information be updated. To help keep up with the change of time, Stack Strategies Co. now offers website update and maintenance programs to ensure sites stay up-to-date. When you sign-up, we'll help determine which occurrence rate best suites your business's needs. We will, then, onboard you into the program and start making website updates on a regular basis. We hope to help you feel confident with your website that is "always up to date" as it should be. 


To get started, please book a project request appointment with us!




Together, we will decide if a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual plan is right for you based on your business needs. Then we will onboard you for your program. 



When your upcoming updates dates are approaching you will receive a reminder email. You can suggest up to five edits. Stack Strategies Co. will also make formatting and SEO changes to ensure the quality of your site.



Your websites will be made in a timely manner after your renewal date. You will be notified of the changes made. Business owners are responsible for reviewing work completed and making additional requests as needed.

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Group Trips or Events

One of the most requested updates we have is to groups and event. Allow us to make updates to your featured pages to help promote your business's specialty event or group. 

Page Formatting

As the internet updates and changes over time, website elements can shift and move. Trust in Stack Strategies to manage your web pages and ensure quality webpage formatting for both desktop and mobile versions.

Social Share Updates

Stack Strategies Co. will make annual updates to members social shares annually. This feature formats your website link to be share friendly for texts, messages and social posts. We used the graphic to fit your brand.

New Resources

Making updates to your resources, featured links, promotions, and highlights keeps visitors returning back for more! WIth this update, we will enhance your websites resources to share more interesting content.

SEO Updates

Making updates to advanced SEO features in best done over time. Monthly and quarterly members will receive advanced SEO updates like alternative tags, metatags and data markups. 

Content Updates per Section or Page

Request to have sections or pages updated with new photos or content as needed. Requests may not exceed over two working hours per section or page. Additional requests could result in building rates. (We'll let you know if something is too much)

maintenance Pricing*

We do our absolute best to stay competitive in today's website design world. Each project can vary based on the business plan and business owner, but the pricing chart below can help you gauge your project cost.

Semi-Annual Plan

Twice per year updates

This package option is best for a business that needs minor changes made to the website to ensure its quality over time.

What's Included

Minor Content Updates

Desktop & Mobile Formatting

Annual Social Share Update

Annual SEO Update 

Semi-annual Report

$90 / Update
$170 / Year

Quarterly Plan

Four times per year updates

This package option is best for a business that has group trips, featured events or other promotions that needs changes more often.

What's Included

What's Included in Semi-annual plus

Events and Groups Updates 

More Content Updates

Additional SEO Formatting

Quarterly Reports

$80/ Update
$300/ Year

Monthly Plan

Twelve times per year updates

This package option is best for a business that is busy often, wants to earn more business,  and adds interest and keep a modern website. 

What's Included

What's Included in Quarterly Plan plus 

Featured Review Updates 

Other Custom Requests 

Monthly SEO Update 

Monthly Report

$70/ Update
$780/ Year

Please keep in mind that the value of our services includes the business coaching and business building along the way! This comes with all  the tools!*

Membership Payment Options


Reoccurring Invoices


Save choosing annual

Proposals can increase based on business owner section and page additions. $25 late charges will be charged every three days the final payment is outstanding. 

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Let's Get Started on Your UPDATES

We appreciate the opportunity to build your business's website. To get started on yours, we invite you to schedule a website consultation appointment at your earliest convenience.  Then, we'll get started on the website creation process right away!

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