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Email Automation

We create automation tools to stop investing time in tedious tasks. Consider automation tools if you need some business relief.

Adding digital elements to automate your business's process has so many benefits for both the business owner and clients. For the business owner, we eliminate some of the most tedious tasks that exhaust business owners. When an owner is considering hiring an assistant, we recommend automation, first, because it costs just a percentage of a person's salary. Automations can help with appointments, sale follow-ups, lead follow-ups, emails with important information, business introductions, membership services, and so much more. Not only does automating help you be more consistent and productive as a business, but it also ensures your client gets the right information every time. These tools make you more available to your clients and help you have more points of contact.  


To get started, please book a project request appointment with us!



research & planning

SS starts each project by learning about your business's needs, deciding which tools can help, how other business's manage, and creating the overall project vision.



During this time, the business owner shares any needed logos, accounts, photos and important links. We start to build the tools as we discussed while planning!



Once we have a draft of the automations, we will review the series together. As a team, we will proofread and make edits to the series. Then, we will make it live.

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Subscribers & Leads

When someone subscribes to receive more information, it is important to send at least one email but a maximum of ten (over time) introducing yourself and your business. 

Invoice Reminders

Reminding clients of automatic payment deductions and upcoming due balances can be set-up using a combination of emails and forms. This is our most-requested automation!

Traveling Series

Keeping in touch with travelers from the time they book through the time they travel can be tough for a travel agent who has many bookings! Let us help you automate custom tips for vacations and destinations.

Member Notifications

Members (who subscribe to your website) can receive blog notification, special emails and other promotions. 

Quote Follow-up

Not every quote that is sent is replied to! That is why we create an automation that shares soft, sales information to close the sale. 

Task Reminders

Keeping up with ongoing tasks for months at a time can be tough! If you constantly perform the same process for each sale, you may want to automate your task reminders! Let us help you stay on-task with these automations!


Wix Website Tools

Wix's automations are based on amount of subscribers and emails. Wix offers automation plan options to premium website owners.


Emailmeform is our preferred form software that has a secure vault for payment information. We use emailmeform to automate payments in the simplest, most-secure  way. 

Active Campaign & Zapier

Active Campaign in combination with Zapier can help keep leads and customers connected. We used Active Campaign and Zapier in combination with other tools to make innovative email series. 

Travefy Forms

Travefy's forms and library items help stay connected with travelers and keep the business process moving. We create Travefy automations with all Travefy website projects.


myTravelCRM can be used to automate emails, invoices and tasks for travel agents. We use this software in combination with other programs to create innovative automation tools. 

Flodesk & Zapier

Flodesk in combination with Zapier can help keep leads and customers connected. We used Flodesk and Zapier in combination with other tools to make innovative email series. 

Image by Verne Ho

Our Digital Difference

If you couldn't tell before, SS is quite passionate about adding digital elements to a business. The reason is because we make such a difference for business owners, saving their time, and adding to their business process overall.  


Our true difference is our expertise in digitalization and these products. Once we had a client say, "I just wouldn't have the time to build everything this good myself." That is our goal! We cover every important detail with you to get a full grasp of your business process and your areas of focus. Then we write and design a well-balanced email automation series to pair with your process and teach you how to use it. We make the hard stuff very simple for you and your clients. The main point is to make it easier to do business. When your business gets easier, you can get your time back for yourself or to put more time into your business.  

What's Needed from the Business Owner

Image by Bram Naus
  • Tool Account – Upgraded   

  • Planning Meeting with SS for Content  

  • Logo files 

  • Personal Photos via email, google drive or facebook messenger 

  • Group or Event Information  

  • Form links 

  • Affiliate links 

  • Terms and Conditions  

  • Tool Review (Read and Testing) 

  • Edit & Launch Meeting  

Project Pricing*

We do our absolute best to stay competitive in today's website design world. Each project can vary based on the business plan and business owner, but the pricing chart below can help you gauge your project cost.

Lead Series

One lead series with 5-8 emails scheduled at various times

This email series helps keep leads connected and informed. We write, build and create the email series for each business.

12-15 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Email Content 

Plug-in Tools

Create Email Series 

Series Review

Series Edit & Launch


Specialty Series

One series for specialties or with advanced tools at various times

This email series helps inform clients with extra content for weddings, Disney, or other advance topics. OR includes advanced tools like invoices

20-45 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Email Content 

Plug-in Tools

Create Email Series 

Series Review

Series Edit & Launch


Multi-Customer Series

Multiple email series with additional tools scheduled at various times

This email series helps inform multiple clients about a variety of topics. The series may branch out or have additional tools for clients. 

50-90 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Email Content 

Plug-in Tools

Create Email Series 

Series Review

Series Edit & Launch


Please keep in mind that the value of our services includes the business coaching and business building along the way! This comes with all  the tools!*

Website Payment Plans

Deposit: 40%

Due at Kick-off

Draft: 40%

Due at Reveal

Launch: 20%

Due at Publishing

Proposals can increase based on business owner section and page additions. $25 late charges will be charged every three days the final payment is outstanding. 

Image by Dries Augustyns

Let's Get Started on an Automation Project

We appreciate the opportunity to build your business's digital tools. To get started on yours, we invite you to complete this quick questionnaire and schedule an automation consultation at your earliest convenience. Then, we'll get started on the tool creation process right away!

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