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Our brands are as unique and special as the business owners that we work with. Not one person or brand is alike, and that's how we like it.

Stack Strategies is passionate about helping small businesses grow! That includes helping them grow from scratch and, also, rebuilding a brand to form a new style. When it comes to branding, we help businesses build brands that their team feels confident in. Our brands are always built to fit the business, which is never a one-size-fits-all. We use a combination of colors, words, fonts, icons, and other design elements to create your business's look. Then we take that look a step further creating several variations, such as with and without the tagline, horizontal and vertical versions, and in color and uncolored! Our attention to detail brings a clear vision to your brand; this helps you become more memorable to your clients and gives you a foundation for growth.  


Stack Strategies recommends anyone who is building a brand to consider a branding launch package, rather than just a brand build. With a branding launch package, you will get a head start on launching your brand to your friends and family. We include the branding essentials in your package to be sure you are ready for business, like formatting your brand on social media and plugging your brand into your tools.  


Please explore this page to learn more about branding projects with SS and how to get started!


To get started on your logo and branding project,
please complete a questionnaire and schedule an appointment.  

What's Included with Logos and Branding

Image by Aleks Dorohovich
Image by Kaleidico

  • Up to 4 rounds of logo changes through the creation process  

  • Horizontal logo – with and without tagline 

  • Vertical logo (if possible)  – with and without tagline 

  • In all color variations: Black, White, and Color  

  • In these file types: PNG (transparent background), JPEG (white background), and EPS (art file) 

  • Branding style guide  

  • Branding tips 

With most branding projects, SS includes:  
With branding launch packages, we include the following:  
  • Logo files as described above  

  • Facebook & Instagram profile pictures  

  • Branded social shareables (quantity of 75–100) 

  • Email signature  

  • Business cards  

  • Rack cards  

  • Custom email template for business launch  

  • Instructions to list your business on Google  

  • Business launch tips  

Upgrade Options 
Designing on a Tablet

Because we build brands custom to the business, packages can vary. Examples of upgrades can include:  

  • Additional rounds of logo designs needed  

  • Additional versions of the logo needed  

  • Additional education on branding needed  

  • Additional changes to assets needed  

  • Social media business profile creation guidance  

Did you know?

Your logo is the image that represents you. 78% of consumers believe that logos are works of art (Study Finds, 2020). Is your logo a work of art?

That's why SS creates designs fit for you while considering your branding for the future. 

Your logo isn't a one-size-fits-all image. More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies use a logo that features a combination of designs (Website Planet, 2021).

That's why SS creates several shapes and colors file types.
Colorful High-rise Building Against Blue Sky

Our Branding Difference

Our custom approach to brand building is what sets us apart. Sometimes business owners will bring inspiration to us, but typically our clients need a whole new idea or concept for their logo builds. We take time to get to know our business owners and together we imagine the best possible brand for their business situations. Then, we take this information to our brand designer who brings the ideas to life. By acting as almost a mediator between the designer and the business owner, we create the perfect concepts that appeal to everyone's eyes.  Whatever it is that we want the business to be remembered for, SS guides the business owner to create the perfect look and gets it done! 


The main component that makes our branding packages so special is the proper launch of a brand. We feel strongly that our more successful brands are those that are launched and marketed well. That means making sure your brand is seen in all the right places. When you receive your logo, it will never be made to fit all the places it needs to go – your social sites, emails, business cards, etc. There's a lot more work to be done after your logo is done. If you allow us to create your business launch assets, it helps to be sure you are ready to get your business's name out there. We thoroughly make sure you have a true foundation for success with your new brand, and we hope it shows.  

Our Branding Process

What is truly special about our brand builds are the process of creation which brings the project to life.


Project Start

To start a branding project with us, please complete a branding project questionnaire, then schedule a consultation by phone or zoom with SS.  


Deposit & Upgrade

To start your project, a project deposit of 30% of your project total must be placed. If you have any to do's for your business, SS asks that you complete your tasks by an agreed date.  


First Review

Once your first round of logos is done, SS will send the logos over for your review. At this time, if you like something we will develop it to customize the look until it fits the part.  


Logo Variation Development

Next, we will develop that style into its additional versions and send it to the business owner for final approval.  


Brand Launch

If you opted for a branding launch package, your branding assets will be developed to coordinate with your style. We will review these with you as needed.  


Project Proposal

Once we review your branding needs together on the phone, we will create an outline and project proposal to detail your needs and the project costs.  


Branding Rounds Start

We'll work diligently on your branding concepts, which takes about 2 weeks.  


Style Completion

We will repeat the logo rounds until we complete a style.  


Brand Review & Approval

Once approved, we will complete the brand and its style guide.  


Marketing Your Brand

Once your branding assets are complete, we will schedule a branding review meeting. This will review the assets and how to use them. Follow up directions will be sent to you to complete your business's branding launch.  

What's Needed from the Business Owner

We do our best to work together with business owners to create their brands. Here are examples of "everything" that would be needed from a business owner for a standard brand build and launch.

  • Kick-off Meeting with Ideas from the Owner

  • Project Deposit  

  • Facebook Business Profile 

  • Instagram Business Profile  

  • Client Database (List of people with emails hosted somewhere) 

  • Emailing System (CRM or something else) 

  • Branding Review 

  • Asset Review  

  • Launch Completion Tasks  

Image by Christina @ wocintechchat.com

A Showcase of Our Favorite Brands

Below we are showcasing a collection of our logo designs and/or marketing asset creations. We hope you will understand each brand or files of marketing assets are a reflection of the business plan, therefore there are many variations of designs. If you are interested in custom brand, you can be confident your assets will be created around you and your preferences. 

Chantelle's travel

brand examples.png

Project Pricing*

We do our absolute best to stay competitive in today's custom design world. Each project can vary based on the business plan and business owner, but the pricing chart below can help you gauge your project cost.

Basic Logo Design

Logo Design with 1–3 colors

Horizontal & Vertical Versions

Tagline Options

Branding Guidelines

8–10 hours

Project Proposal



File Creation


Basic Branding Package

Logo Design Plus

Custom Business Card Design

Custom Email Launch Template

15–17 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Web Content & Design

Website Finalization

Website Review

Website Edit & Launch


Logo Design Plus

Logo Design

Profile Sizing Variations

Email Signature

12 hours

Project Proposal



File Creation


Branding Package Plus

Basic Branding Package

Custom Rack Card Design

10 Custom Social Cover Photos

125 Custom Social Graphics

25 hours

Project Proposal & Kick Start

Web Design & Tool Creation

Website Finalization

Website Review

Website Edit & Launch


City View

Let's Get Started on Your Brand

We appreciate the opportunity to build your business's brand. To get started on yours, we invite you to complete this quick questionnaire and schedule a brand consultation at your earliest convenience.  Then, we'll get started on the brand creation process right away!

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