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Digital Automation Tool Projects

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We create tools to take the pressure of tedious tasks away from the business owner. Instead of getting an assistant, invest in some tools.

Adding digital elements to automate your business's process has so many benefits for both the business owner and the business's clients. For the business owner, we eliminate some of the most tedious tasks that exhaust business owners. When an owner is considering hiring an assistant, we recommend automation first because it costs just a percentage of a person's salary. We could automate appointments, sale follow-ups, lead follow-ups, emails with important information, business introductions, membership services, and so much more. Not only does automating help you be more consistent and productive as a business, but it also ensures your client gets the right information every time. These tools make you more available to your clients and help you have more points of contact.  


Like most of our services, our automation process is custom to the business. We start by reviewing the business's overall process. We touch base on what's working well for the business owner and what's taking too much time or effort. Then, we consider where we can help, using the most innovative and easy-to-use tools. By interviewing you and learning your process, we then create the perfect tools using a combination of emails, links, and graphics to assist in your process. Once your digital tools are built, we review them with you and teach you how to use them. Once you start using your new tools, you will start to enjoy the benefits of digital automation.

To get started on your automation project, please complete a quick questionnaire and schedule an appointment.

Automation Series Examples


Where someone can sign up for more information on your website, social site, or through a QR code.  

General Leads

When someone asks for more information about your business, we make a series to follow-up with great information to help convert that lead into a sale. 

Specific Leads

If you have specialties within your business that attracts a specific client, this informational series is for them. 

Traveling Series

For TAs specifically, sending off information based on the travel type and destination is tough to keep up on!
Our traveling series makes the whole world easy
to service from the time of booking to the time of travel, helping you to book in volume.  

Team Member Tasks

Working with others in a digital world becomes much easier through digitally shared lists and tasks. 

Quote Follow-Ups

When you send off information with a quote, you can follow up once, twice, or more with the click of a button.  

Invoice Series

 Sending off invoices at staggering times can be automated based on payment dates, making it easier to collect money on time.  

Sales Series

Once you complete a sale, staying in contact with your client is critical to help provide information and lead this client to come back again. 


When someone signs up to become a member with your service, it's important to keep in contact to let them know of the benefits they are earning as a member. This helps these clients stay a member with your business.  

Custom Series

And many more custom series ideas to come... (Let's schedule a consultation!) 

What's Included with Digital Automations and Tools

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Designing on a Tablet
Because we build digital tools custom to the business, packages can vary. Examples of automation packages could include: 
  • Email templates (typically 10–50 templates) custom written for the business and the intended audience 

  • Automation series tools built to trigger the audience in strategic time frames  

  • Links to your business resources such as your website, social pages, review sites, etc.  

  • Digital tools like online calendars or surveys  

  • Forms custom written to the business and its compliance needs like questionnaires, qualifying sales, terms and conditions, sign-ups, subscribers, and more

We use these automation tools during our projects:

Our services build tools to help your business succeed, although that does require an investment in the tools. We specialize and recommend these valuable tools for your digital automation projects: 

  • Active Campaign  

  • Constant Contact  

  • MyTravelCRM 

  • EmailMeForms 

  • Travefy 

  • Formsite  

  • Jot Form  

  • Microsoft Office

  • Calendly  

  • Acuity Scheduling  

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There are only two things that are typically needed when an automation project is complete – updates and education.  


For updates: 

We ask that automation edits are submitted 30 days after completion, although if updates are needed, we can instruct you to change it or ask for a small fee of $25 per template for minor changes. Template additions could be requested for $50 per template.  


For education:  

One how-to-use education session is included with your automation package. We accept any questions via email and quick calls (under 20 minutes). For additional business education, such as additional sessions or team sessions, an additional project charge will occur of $75 per hour.  

Did you know?

A 2020 global survey of business leaders from a wide cross-section of industries conducted by McKinsey & Co. found that 66% were piloting solutions to automate at least one business process, up from 57% two years earlier. The percentage of companies that have fully automated at least one function, however, has grown more modestly, from 29% in 2018 to 31% in 2020.

Even small businesses can automate at least one business process, if not a few. SS offers automation packages to bring small businesses up-to-speed with the nation's leading companies. 
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Our Digital Difference

If you couldn't tell before, SS is quite passionate about adding digital elements to a business. The reason is because we make such a difference for business owners, saving their time, and adding to their business process overall.  


Our true difference is our expertise in digitalization and these products. Once we had a client say, "I just wouldn't have the time to build everything this good myself." That is our goal! We cover every important detail with you to get a full grasp of your business process and your areas of focus. Then we write and design a well-balanced email automation series to pair with your process and teach you how to use it. We make the hard stuff very simple for you and your clients. The main point is to make it easier to do business. When your business gets easier, you can get your time back for yourself or to put more time into your business.  

Our Automation Process 


Project Start

To start an automation project with us, please complete an automation project questionnaire, then schedule a consultation by phone or Zoom with SS.  


Deposit & Upgrade

To start your project, a project deposit of 30% of your project total must be placed. Your automation accounts must also be started, and the site must be upgraded to the recommended standard.  


Project Creation

From there, we will work diligently on your digital automations like the email build, gathering of content, tool building, and automation building which takes about 3–4 weeks.  


Editing & Trial Process

Now is the time you can review your automation elements and make note of any wording, photo, or color changes as you see fit. You will also need to review any resources made like your calendar or forms. We ask that you request these changes within thirty days of your automation demonstration.  


Automation Follow-Up

SS will follow up to check in on your automations and see how it's going with the tools.  


Project Proposal

Once we review your automation needs together on the phone, we will create an automation outline and project proposal to detail your needs and the project costs.  


Kick-Off Meeting

We will host a project kick-off meeting to review your business process with a prepared agenda.  


Project Review

Once your series is done, SS will schedule an automation demonstration meeting. At this time, we ask that you make another payment of 50% of your project total.  


Final Changes

Once your changes are made and you approve your series, we will review how to use your automations. We will send over a custom step-by-step for how to use these tools. Your project is complete and the remaining balance of your invoice will be due. 


Marketing Your Tools

Once your digital assets are complete, you should share your tools and how to use them with your networks. Be sure to share them over time to get more traffic.

What's Needed from the Business Owner

We do our best to work together with business owners to create their automation tools. Here are some examples of "everything" that would be needed from a business owner to get automations:

  • Project proposal meeting  

  • Outline review, proposal invoice review & deposit payment  

  • Automation accounts – upgraded  

  • Kick-off meeting for content  

  • Automation preview meeting  

  • Automation review  

  • Automation edits & education meeting  

  • Use of tools  

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Project Pricing*

We do our absolute best to stay competitive in today's website design world. Each project can vary based on the business plan and business owner, but the pricing chart below can help you gauge your project cost.

Form Creation

Custom written, functional, logic/branching, and professionally designed form creation

A business typically needs 4–6

forms depending on the

business's process and needs.

Form Options:


Client Information

Sales Authorizations




Lead or Client Series

8–10 custom emails connected in a strategic series to engage leads or clients.

One 8–10 email series will be crafted to introduce, inform, and inspire your leads or clients about your business.

Connection Options:


Constant Contact

Active Campaign

Other automation tool


Appointment Scheduler

1–3 appointment types with questions, reminders, and follow-ups

A business typically needs one calendar
per team member that integrates
into an email calendar.

Calendar Options:



Please note: This service is included with website design packages.


Traveling Series

About 50 email templates created to service 20+ destinations to engage travelers and automate invoices.

Series is created and custom-branded to support a business's personal process.

Connection Options:


Constant Contact

Active Campaign

Other automation tool


QR Code & Landing Page

Branded QR Code that connects to a landing page or subscription page

This QR code can be attached to a flyer, rack card, or business card to direct leads to complete an action. 

Connection Options:

Webpage Featuring Profiles

Subscribe Landing Page

Other Landing Page

Giveaways Sign-up

Comes with Page, QR code, and Print Piece


A Showcase of Our Favorite Brands

Below we are showcasing a collection of our automation tools. Although you cannot see every template we wrote or each tool we developed, we hope this will give you a better idea of all we put into automation projects to help digitalize the business's operation process. 


Click on the image to view full-screen

AUTOMATION examples (3).png
City View

Let's Get Started on Your Automations

We appreciate the opportunity to build your business's digital tools. To get started on yours, we invite you to complete this quick questionnaire and schedule an automation consultation at your earliest convenience. Then, we'll get started on the tool creation process right away!

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